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by on April 19, 2012

We are in a crisis.
Around the world, revolutions are happening, and America seems to be the farthest behind in this global awakening.
Civilizations are uniting with the common goal of social and economic justice, and are ready to sacrifice everything in hopes of a better world for the future.

Where do you stand, and what can you do?

If you believe that all people deserve basic necessities such as food, healthcare, and education, you stand with us.
If you believe that we should end wars of aggression, and find alternative methods to ensuring the preservation of our earth and species, you stand with us.
If you believe coined money is a fictitious means of control and suppression, you stand with us.
If you believe in a true democratic process, where tax funded decisions are based solely on the voice of the people, and not the amount of money one person controls, you stand with us.
If you are ready for a world that unites in peace, economic justice, and prosperity, you stand with us.

On May 1st, 2012, you can help raise awareness of the devastating issues we currently face by contributing at least three ways to your community:
Boycott Gas Stations – because of the effects on your environment and the lobbying of your elected officials.
Boycott Banking – because predatory lenders are citizens, and humans are slaves.
Shop/Buy Local Goods Only – because local investment should drive our economy, not foreign sweatshops.

If you are in San Antonio, join us at Milam Park from 5PM-8PM for:
Workshops and Discussions from some of our areas top activists
Clothing and Book Trade
Safe Electronic Recycling
Seed-Bomb Crafting

Pack a lunch!

visit: or follow our tweets MAYDAY


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