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Letter from The Voters’ Rights Amendment

by on March 23, 2012

From: William John Cox

To: The General Assembly of Occupy Bexar County.

Regarding: The ability of American voters, of every party, to control their own government.

Call to Action: It is critically important that you support a Voters’ Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to transform its government into one that is responsive to those who elect it, rather than to the corporations and wealthy elite who purchase the people’s representatives.

Background: The bipartisan outrage over the Supreme Court’s decisions in Buckley and Citizens United has led to a number of proposals to reverse them through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The best known of these is the effort by Move to Amend, which restricts constitutional rights to natural persons only and which disallows the equation of money and free speech.

Problem: The Move to Amend proposal is a great start; however it does not go far enough. In fact, after a long and difficult amendment process, it only returns the electoral process to where it was before the court’s decisions, which wasn’t so great for the People of America.

Solution: The Voters’ Rights Amendment (USVRA) includes the Move to Amend proposal, but goes further to clearly establish that the right to cast an effective vote is an inherent right under the Constitution. In addition, it provides for a national paid voting holiday, a national hand-countable paper ballot, and a process for the people to have a more direct role in the formulation of public policy. Finally, it mandates voter registration and prohibits voter suppression.

Consequence: The USVRA will result in a transformation of the U.S. government into a more representative democracy in which the power of money and corporations will be curtailed and the power of the people will prevail.

USVRA requests: (1) a vote by your general assembly to support the USVRA; (2) encouragement of other Occupy groups to support the USVRA; (3) a link on your net pages to USVRA; and (4) encouragement of your individual members to show their personal support at the USVRA website and on the Facebook page (Voters’ Rights Amendment US).

Contact: of Occupy Long Beach for more information and to confirm your support.

See: for more background and discussion, including a list of other Occupy supporters.


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