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Solidarity with Prisoners

by on February 24, 2012

Occupy Bexar writes this message to show support and solidarity with prisoners around the world. In the United States, prison has become a central institution that is integral to our politics, economics and culture. Imprisonment itself is a form of torture. Instead for focusing on rehabilitation, prisons maximize degradation, brutalization, and dehumanization. The number of Black prisoners is so overwhelming that the prison system is seen as the new Jim Crow. African American’s only make up 12% of the US total population, yet the  American Prison Population is 53% African American. There are now more Black men and women in correctional facilities, or on parole and probation, than were enslaved a decade before the civil war.

Today’s Prison system is the most visible example of policies that are put in place to keep oppressing the oppressed and marginalizing the marginalized people in our society. Prior to being incarcerated, more than 2/3’s of the current prison population lived under economic hardship. Going to prison only makes life on the outside harder. Instead of going to prison and being rehabilitated into a functioning member of society, people recently released have a harder time than before incarceration of finding gainful employment, which leads many back to committing more crimes, that result in more prison time.

Occupy Bexar demands an end to incarceration as a means of containing those dispossessed by unjust social polices. We call for an end to prison as a from of punishment, and demand that the prison system be replaced with one that promotes rehabilitation, making the impoverished educated and better fit to serve society upon release.

Occupy Bexar calls for:

  • The abolition of inhumane conditions and torture
  • The abolition of unjust sentences, including, but not limited to, the death penalty, life without parole, and the three strikes policy
  • Solidarity for prisoner movements and human rights
  • The release of all political prisoners
  • An end to the repression of activist

Please like this page and look out for events on prisoner solidarity:


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