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New Beginnings

by on February 15, 2012

Greetings of Peace and Love to you, Dear 99%ers!

First and foremost, we would like to extend you our sincerest gratitude for being part of our family. On our journey together through the last four months, we the administrators on the Occupy San Antonio FB community page have maintained the face of a united front with OSA in order to keep your morale and passion burning brightly.

In case you are not aware, many members of the local Occupy movement left because they witnessed the supposed non-violent movement riddled with aggressive disrespect, which troubled their hearts, minds, and spirits.

The extinguishing bright spirits within the movement led to the emergence of a new Occupation, reborn like the phoenix from its ashes.

We ask for your open-mindedness, and a pause in judgment.

We the current administration of this site are the reborn phoenix, and we are fledgling our wings. We aim to learn from the mistakes of our progenitor.

Like the rest of life, offspring are never the same exact being as the parent. So it is with the emergent movement, which seeks no ties with our progenitor. The relationship between parent and child is that of estrangement, but it is not the same case as with The Prodigal Son. In this instance, neither the parent nor the child wish to be together.

We, the emergent occupation, wish neither fights nor reconciliations with our progenitor. We are separate. We are our own being. We shall have our own destiny, just as all offspring do.

We wish OSA luck with their endeavors.

Anyone that believes in non-violent activism and respect for all beings is welcome in the new occupation.

We, the new Occupation, do not plan on destroying our progenitor. However, biological cells that cease receiving life-giving blood simply wither away. Much of our progenitor’s life-blood has hemorrhaged due to various types of injury. The new Occupation emerged where the hemorrhaged blood pooled.

The new Occupation was not preconceived. In accord with chaos theory, the new Occupation “self-organized” out of independent particles brought together by serendipity. We, the new Occupy, cannot be blamed for fate having brought our members together.

We the members of the new Occupation seek peace, not war – for real change can come only by addressing the heavy workload ahead in attaining social, economic, and environmental justice.

If our present audience’s ideals seek a new home and new hope, join us …

Occupy Bexar @ FB
Occupy Bexar @ (our legally owned domain name)



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