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A Brave New World

by on February 14, 2012

Welcome to Occupy Bexar!

We write this as a message of Solidarity to the to people of the world who have been wronged by the system that the worlds top 1% has put upon us by purchasing our governments and gambling with our homes and pensions. We write to let you know that in times of such turmoil and strife we are your allies.

We write this to let you know that we will fight against injustice wherever we find it.

We will stand with you in our struggle against the 1%.

So join us in our attempt to enter into this “Brave New World,” where we have restructured our society so that we will finally be able to call ourselves a civilized people. We will make a world without war, without poverty, and without hunger. We will change the way we solve conflicts so violence can always be avoided.


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